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Promotional items
Stock: 1.167 pcs.
Quartz travel clock - grey
Quartz travel clock
Item no: M4150707
Fashionable quartz travel clock made of glossy metal.

Price from  5,42 €
Stock: 526 pcs.
Alarm clock MODERN RETRO - blue
Alarm clock MODERN RETRO
Item no: 78-0401019
Alarm clock MODERN RETRO - with digital time and date display, two alarm times can be set, various alarm times for diffe

Price from  10,26 €
Stock: 2.531 pcs.
Projection alarm clock COLOUR - black
Projection alarm clock COLOUR
Item no: 78-0401077
Projection alarm clock COLOUR - with a red LED projector, weather forecast, alarm function, date and time display, hygro

Price from  11,59 €
Stock: 2.144 pcs.
Alarm clock COLOUR - black
Alarm clock COLOUR
Item no: 78-0401074
Alarm clock COLOUR - with alarm function, date and time display, hygrometer and thermometer (for °C and °F), lit up LCD

Price from  12,24 €