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Promotional items
Stock: 24.820 pcs.
Compass - silver
Item no: 27809300
Metal compass with ring.

Price from  0,89 €
Stock: on request
Pedometer - black
Item no: 27741268-TB10
Digital Pedometer with plastic housing . Measured calories, steps and distance . Including coin cells.

Price from  0,90 €
Stock: on request
Pedometer - green
Item no: 27741268-TB07
Digital pedometer with plastic housing. Displays: calories, steps and distance. Delivered with button cell battery.

Price from  0,90 €
Stock: on request
Pedometer - blue
Item no: 27741268-TB06
Digital Pedometer with plastic housing . Measured calories, steps and distance . Including coin cells.

Price from  0,90 €
Stock: on request
Pedometer - red
Item no: 27741268-TB05
Digital Pedometer with plastic housing . Measured calories, steps and distance . Including coin cells.

Price from  0,90 €
Stock: on request
Pedometer - white
Item no: 27741268-TB01
Digital Pedometer with plastic housing . Measured calories, steps and distance . Including coin cells.

Price from  0,90 €
Stock: 6.096 pcs.
Target nautical compass  - matt silver
Target nautical compass
Item no: 10134325
Classic style nautical compass in aluminium. Packed in tinbox.

Price from  5,37 €
Stock: 10.134 pcs.
Weather station and clock  - matt silver
Weather station and clock
Item no: 10160426
Black and silver weatherstation. Includes a clock, temperature humidity display and calendar. 2 x AAA batteries not incl

Price from  5,84 €
Stock: 2.568 pcs.
Maybe a weather station - beige
Maybe a weather station
Item no: 27864015
Maybe a weather station

Price from  5,94 €
Stock: 2.606 pcs.
Weather station - silver
Weather station
Item no: 27804835
Digital clock and weather station with colour display. Functions: alarm clock, thermometer, hygrometer and 12 hour tempe

Price from  6,06 €
Stock: 5.314 pcs.
Weatherstation with blue LCD  - silver
Weatherstation with blue LCD
Item no: 10150597
Weatherstation with blue LCD display. Displays weather forecast, time, date, temperature and humidity. Alarm function. 1

Price from  6,83 €
Stock: 3.006 pcs.
Boocast bamboo weather station - beige
Boocast bamboo weather station
Item no: 27810462
Boocast bamboo weather station

Price from  6,93 €
Stock: 5 pcs.
- ext. stock: 450 pcs.
Yenen weather station - beige
Yenen weather station
Item no: 27722752-TB01
Yenen weather station

Price from  7,02 €
Stock: 3.783 pcs.
Bamboo weather station - SUNCITY - wood
Bamboo weather station - SUNCI
Item no: 10222440
Weather station with bamboo front, multi-functional thermometer. Includes a clock, temperature, humidity display and cal

Price from  7,57 €
Stock: 69 pcs.
- ext. stock: 450 pcs.
Roamer bamboo weather station - beige
Roamer bamboo weather station
Item no: 27733974
Roamer bamboo weather station

Price from  7,79 €
Stock: on request
- ext. stock: 450 pcs.
Behox bamboo weather station - beige
Behox bamboo weather station
Item no: 27721979
Behox bamboo weather station

Price from  8,70 €
Stock: 1.453 pcs.
Photo frame with weather statioMO9695-40 - wood
Photo frame with weather stati
Item no: 10212581
Photo frame in bamboo with weather station. Displays time, date and temperature. Alarm function and count down timer. 2

Price from  10,17 €
Stock: 23 pcs.
- ext. stock: 450 pcs.
Maginly Weather Station - white
Maginly Weather Station
Item no: 27734121-TB01
Maginly Weather Station

Price from  10,22 €
Stock: 1.903 pcs.
Desktop lamp and weather statioMO9737-06 - white
Desktop lamp and weather stati
Item no: 10212713
18 LED foldable desktop lamp in ABS with weather station. Displays time, temperature. Alarm function. 1 CR2025 battery i

Price from  17,70 €
Immediately in stock: 1 pcs.
Stock: 1.681 pcs.
Bamboo weather station 10W - FERREL - wood
Bamboo weather station 10W - F
Item no: 10222754
10W Wireless charger device including time, temperature and humidity display, smartphone stand function in bamboo casing

Price from  17,70 €
Stock: 505 pcs.
- ext. stock: 270 pcs.
Fiory rechargeable weather station - beige
Fiory rechargeable weather sta
Item no: 27722109
Fiory rechargeable weather station

Price from  18,18 €
Stock: 1.434 pcs.
Weather station with charger   MO9456-40 - wood
Weather station with charger
Item no: 10210339
LED time display alarm clock and temperature display with wireless charging functionality in MDF. AC-DC 2 pin plug adapt

Price from  24,97 €
Stock: 1.106 pcs.
LED clock & wireless charger   MO9588-06 - white
LED clock & wireless charg
Item no: 10210918
Wireless charging weather station / touch sensor alarm clock with nightlight. AC-DC 2 pin plug adapter included. Not for

Price from  39,91 €
Stock: 8 pcs.
- ext. stock: 90 pcs.
Lautar weather station - black
Lautar weather station
Item no: 27722751-TB10
Lautar weather station

Price from  42,45 €
Stock: 2.588 pcs.
Thermometer COMFORT - silver
Thermometer COMFORT
Item no: 78-0401224
Thermometer COMFORT - with temperature display (min. & max.), measuring range 0-50°, with a suction cup and removable ro

Price from  5,98 €
Stock: on request
Solar pedometer SOLAR RUNNER - white
Solar pedometer SOLAR RUNNER
Item no: 78-1803006
Solar pedometer SOLAR RUNNER with a clip on the back, LCD screen with steps already made, distance in km, time in minute

Price from  6,86 €
Stock: 1.654 pcs.
Weather station SHINY DAY - silver
Weather station SHINY DAY
Item no: 78-0401032
Weather station SHINY DAY - with LCD screen, aluminium front, alarm clock, date display, thermometer and a fold-out stan

Price from  7,90 €
Stock: 2.313 pcs.
Weather station SUNNY TIMES - silver
Weather station SUNNY TIMES
Item no: 78-0401031
Weather station SUNNY TIMES - with LCD screen, alarm clock, date display, thermometer and a removable stand on the back,

Price from  7,90 €
Stock: 44 pcs.
Weather station CALOR - white
Weather station CALOR
Item no: 78-0401795
Weather station CALOR: with thermometer, hygrometer, humidity and time display, blue LED background lighting, made of wh

Price from  10,40 €
Stock: on request
Bamboo weather station, brown - brown
Bamboo weather station, brown
Item no: 81_279219
Bamboo weather station with 3 functions: time/date, indoor humidity and temperature. Including 2 AAA batteries for direc

Price from  13,30 €
Stock: on request
Indoor/outdoor weather station, silver - silver
Indoor/outdoor weather station
Item no: 81_279201
In/outdoor weather station with LCD screen and special outdoor sensor. Functions: Time and calendar, indoor/outdoor temp

Price from  23,20 €
Stock: on request
Wi-Fi Weather station - ARTI - black
Wi-Fi Weather station - ARTI
Item no: 10222757
Wi-Fi weather station for indoor and outdoor with colour display. Displays alarm, temperature (in and out), time displa

Price from  62,11 €