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Timex straw - black - foto
Timex straw

Item no: 27721406-TB10

Timex straw

Stock : 0 pcs.
- In stock in ext. warehouse: 20.871 pcs.

Scheduled load:
- 13.500 pcs. to date 21.8.2023

Nerezová ocel, Silikon


ø16×105 mm
price from  1,48
Quantity 25 50 100 250 500 1.000 5.000 10.000
Price €/piece 1,98 1,88 1,83 1,78 1,73 1,69 1,64 1,48

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 - beige

Item no: 10215311
Timex straw

Price from  1,61 €
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 - orange

Item no: 27761208-TB03
Timex straw

Price from  1,92 €