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Promo Direct® - Promotional Items and Gifts

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Promo Direct s.r.o.
Hlavní 884
251 68 Praha - východ
Czech Republic

For a personal visit, please report in advance. Also applies to personal pick-up, consultation and a visit to the showroom.

+420 776 706 777

Billing information:
Promo Direct s.r.o.
Bartoškova 1368/4
140 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

IČ: 24232726
DIČ: CZ24232726
Společnost je zapsána u Městského soudu v Praze pod sp. zn. C 200823

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About Us

Reference reklamních předmětů
We have been supplying, printing and producing promotional items and gifts for 17 years. We have implemented them over the years thousands of large and small orders for customers with simple and complex requirements. In our references you will find countless well-known companies and brands, both domestic so from different parts of the world. We are constantly striving to improve what we do, we are interested in new production and printing technologies and we push our boundaries further. We invest into our company um, time and new knowledge so that we can provide you with new interesting products and services.

At our own premises on an area of ​​600 m 2 , we have many printing technologies, such as pad printing, UV printing, solvent printing, thermal transfer, laser engraving and sublimation printing.

The main part of this website is the online catalog , where you will find more than 36.000 types of catalog promotional items. In the unpublished offer, we have thousands of other items, for which we will be happy to make a tailor-made calculation for you. If a rich catalog offer is not enough for you and you have your ideas about the design, execution and color of the required item, we will be happy to make it tailored to you. We have co-workers in China who personally take care of these individual orders and supervise their production.

An important factor in our services is the speed with which we can deliver the goods to you. It is no exception that you can have goods without printing until the next day. For regular orders, we use the services of contract carriers, especially DPD and PPL. With its focus, Promo Direct is primarily a partner of advertising agencies and marketing managers, to whom it provides professional service in the full range of 3D advertising issues.
We look forward to working with you too!

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