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Printing of promotional items

We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right print for promotional items. It is necessary to consider the purpose of these promotional items, to make the printing permanent, and at an appropriate price. For example, the rotary screen printing technique is not suitable for use on glass and ceramic mugs, which are often put in the dishwasher.
In order for us to properly price the print, it is necessary to send your logo upon request. Subsequently, when arranging the order, We will send you a graphic preview of the subject with your logo and only after your written approval we will start printing. The speed of delivery of goods to the customer therefore also depends on mutual cooperation.

Top quality - our goal!

The professionals in our company have many years of experience with many printing technologies, suppliers and also the intrigues that this department brings. If you have a negative experience, when the print you ordered somewhere was blurry, dull, or crooked or blurry, don't accept it and come to us. We press brilliantly, the inspiration for us is quality, which is commonplace in Western Europe. As an example, see the detail of the fine print for our client who has decided have your whole business card on your pen.

Kvalita tamponová tlač

Technológie potlače:

Pad print

With this technology it is possible to suppress basically all types of materials (plastics, glass, metals, wood, leather, ceramics). It is especially suitable for smaller items, e.g. ballpoint pens, openers, lighters, key fobs and others.

Tamponová tlač

Laser engraving

This is a special technology that uses a laser beam to engrave metal, metallized, wooden and plastic advertising items with a colored finish. The laser beam detonates the top layer of material and the resulting logo has the color of the base material. It is a very detailed, high quality and durable print.

Gravírovanie laserom


This technology is ideal for printing textile materials on a natural basis but also on synthetic fabrics and their mixtures. This technology uses screen printing. The colors of the logo motif are printed on the mirror transfer (special) paper and after printing with transfer presses (special iron with very high temperature) the printed motifs are applied to the T-shirts by temperature, pressure and the necessary time, hats, bags, backpacks and other materials.



This technology is suitable for marking promotional items of various materials and shapes, but most often it is textiles. The logo is transmitted to the printed object by means of screen printing template and printing squeegee. We use this technology for printing both manual screen printing and automatic machines, which significantly increase quality and print production. Screen printing is a very permanent way of marking. To date, no digital machine has surpassed the quality of this traditional print.

Rotačná sieťotlač

Rotary screen printing

This technology is suitable for printing cylindrical objects. It is most often used for printing ballpoint pens, mugs, ashtrays, cups, etc. Printing with this technology is not suitable for mugs washed in the dishwasher.


With this technology it is possible to embroider logos on almost any textile products, e.g. towels, bags, hats, t-shirts, jackets, etc. Before the embroidery itself, it is necessary to create an embroidery program of the machine for the given motif. Then you just need to clamp the promotional item in a special embroidery frame and the embroidery machine will take care of everything else. Finishing embroidery is then done manually.



It is a premium technology for materials such as leather, imitation leather and paper. This printing technology is the most common used to mark leather or leather purses, key rings, briefcases and paper boxes. On this technology is the most expensive punch because brass punches are used. After payment, the stamp becomes the property of the customer and can be reused at any time because its lifespan is almost unlimited.


Ceramic transfer

This is a suitable technology for marking glass and ceramics, mainly for marking mugs, cups, teapots, plates, etc. This is a very demanding technology where the logo motif is first printed by screen printing on transfer paper. Subsequently, after soaking, the printed motif is removed from the transfer paper and placed on the suppressed object. After complete drying, the object is fired in a kiln at 350, 800 or even 1200 degrees Celsius. During firing in the oven, the paint bakes into the surface - the glaze of the object.




This sophisticated printing technology can be used on glass and metal promotional items. It is suitable for marking cups, plaques, stainless steel bottles, mugs and other glass and metal objects. Sandblasting is performed by sandblasting - shooting - fine sand through a special template to the marked object.